Things I Like

Whenever I am feeling arsty & crafty, I head to these sites!


Pinterest is my number one go-to site. It operates an eponymous photo sharing site and app; many individuals on Pinterest are creative and witty with their crafting and design ideas. I adore seeing what people come up with; this enables me to further their ideas into something of mine.


Home & Garden Television I am obsessed with any HGTV show; Fixer-Upper is my ultimate favorite. They record designers flipping houses. Before and after images are one of their prime tactics in getting people engaged. The transformations of each space is truly astonishing and inspiring.


A Beautiful Mess is the reason I started the Artsy & Crafty Chick. Sisters Elsie and Emma share their “home-made lifestyle” through crafts, décor, food, and style. Most importantly, their projects are mostly all diy’s. It is a must read site!


And last but not least, Etsy. Etsy has anything imaginable, and its all hand-made. Crafts, jewelry, and home décor are some of the features it provides that I am engaged with. It is always updating, and it is easy to make connections with other crafters.


My VSCO This app is best-loved for artsy pictures. My found obsession with artsy pictures came from browsing through VSCO; Visual Supply Co. Because so, I created my own VSCO, and so can you! Scrolling through their main page does great wonders to your photography skills.