About Me

Welcome to the Artsy & Crafty Chic, me!

I’m Kristin and am here to share some of my design secrets on how to make spaces in your living space look adorable, crafty & artsy; your desk, end table, shelving, kitchen, walls & more. I try to incorporate a craft into every one of my artsy settings to give them character, a personal connection and something to be proud of. It’s always a pleasure when compliments are made and you get to say, “I made that myself!” If you are eager to make your living space your own & trendy, you are in the right place!

These crafts are easy, cheap but chic DIY’s; great for college students. I attend Drexel University where I will receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design, then a masters in Interior Architecture & Design. This is my third year here, and I love it! Learning about design and constantly being surrounded by the industry, I pay close attention to detail and try perfecting all design elements I come across. I am told I am a neat freak and very picky, but when it comes to design and the way things are presented, I am just strict on what I like and what I do not like. And I am also a little obsessed.

Rewarding is the word that describes how I feel once I complete a craft and incorporate it into an artsy setting. Everyone should feel this pride and accomplishment in their work and especially in the place you live. If you’re like me, you are constantly doing homework and being occupied by all that college can bring; but there is always time to step back, relax and make these cheap and easy, creative crafts.

In addition to studying design and my love for crafting, I am a complete chemistry nerd. In high school, I had my mind set on pharmacy school at Rutgers University. Most of my family went to Rutgers and they have half my heart; Drexel now has the other half. Besides the point, you may be surprised in yourself! Don’t hesitate if you have never been good at crafting or know nothing about design. These crafts are simple but will create an admirable and engaging atmosphere that showcases you as an individual.

Additionally, I have an adorable Cocker Spaniel, Ginger, and two sisters who I adore and are my best friends. They are always encouraging me to do more and more crafts. As for design, my go-to colors are purples, blues, greens, whites & grays! I am into the rustic, farm-house look with a touch of elegance. Everyone has their own taste & style, and if you don’t know of your’s yet, crafting will help you. For me, I kept navigating to the same color scheme for many of my DIY’s. Having passion is key for this interest.

Cheers to doing-it-yourself & embracing the artsy side to things!