My secrets for making a repeated trend, one-of-a-kind!

Have you seen the up and coming “&” symbol being used as décor in homes? I have seen it become more and more apparent, and I personally love it!

The symbol is simple, appealing, and adds just a little content to other abstract items. Seen on shelving, desks, end tables, and more, the “&” symbol is becoming a trend everyone wants to replicate. The Artsy & Crafty Chick always takes it a step further and makes her crafts personal; something that can emphasize you as yourself.

Adding sparkle and glam is something I thought my bedroom needed. Its color scheme is gray, white, and blues with a dash of glimmering gold. Adding a plain white “&” symbol that Michaels sells would not be interesting or unique. I browsed the aisles of Michaels and found clear, sparkling gems that I could easily imagine in my room. I also found blue beach stones that would complement the gems.

I arranged and hot glued the gems and stones on the “&” symbol as pictured, but realized it still needed something. I found some navy ribbon laying around and simply tied a bow, proceeding to place it on the “&” symbol. It made the craft complete and fulfilled my expectation!

Here are some of my personal rules from the Artsy & Crafty Chick:

Rule #1:

Never settle for something you aren’t head over heels for; be a perfectionist with your crafts so you can be proud of the outcome.

Rule #2:

Pair your craft with other design elements.

Never leave a craft standing by itself. Displaying what you made with other decorative elements helps bring attention and create a more enhancing atmosphere. Your eye has so many options to look at in a room; if you combine elements to make groupings, your eye will better focus and concentrate on focal points.

Rule #3:

Always have a color scheme in mind!

With this craft being so glamorous with its sparkles, I wanted to tone down the glimmer with a fresh and vibrant plant. Yes, plants are considered a color element. Blue and green are a great combination and provide a tranquil but enticing feeling. My preference is two or three colors that feel seamless with each other, I would not do more than three. Once you have your preferred colors, add the neutrals. White, gray, gold, and silver are finishes that complement any color. Never pair your craft with an item that does not match!


Rule #4:

If you’re anything like me, before and after pictures are a must when crafting!

Before and after pictures are the best for having a visual “wowing” effect. It’s astonishing the difference an object can have from crafting. The “&” symbol is not your only limitation to designing an attractive and personal craft. Standing planar objects are the hidden secret though. Planar objects can be transformed in a variety of ways. Add texture, color, reflectiveness, & more; anything you can imagine. Having a plane to work on is so much easier and allows for a larger transformation.

Rule #5:

Try to enable your crafts to stand up instead on laying on a surface.

The reason I recommend a standing object is better than a non-standing object is its presence. Have the “&” symbol standing is better than it laying on the surface, as pictured below. Isn’t the very first picture above more intriguing then these? The individual viewing the object has to go over and stand directly over the craft to see it. With the craft standing, one can admire it from across the room.

The most important rule for crafting is to show who you are. If you are not into sparkles or blue, chose something else to describe yourself. Are you into nature? Maybe gather some leaves and add a touch of your favorite color. Are you into food? Collage photographs of different and tasty foods to your trendy “&” symbol. The options are endless!

It’s your time to transform the trending & symbol and make it yours!

One Reply to “My secrets for making a repeated trend, one-of-a-kind!”

  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post. Even though I am not much of a crafty person you did make me want to give it a go. I like that you emphasise how you should make it your own and it is important to take something simple and transform it. The five rules are perfect as a starting point for someone like me to keep in mind. I enjoyed this!


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