See How Easily You Can Dress Up Your Bare Walls

Bare walls are the absolute worst!

They provide no energy to the space and don’t allow for an elaborated style in your apartment or home. Designing your walls does not have to be a timely or complex situation; enjoy the process! Signs are my number one choice for filling up blank walls. They are not hard, time-consuming or expensive. The best ones are DIY’s!

This sign was created from scratch and the finished product gives off a rustic but chic look; cheap and simple too! This wall décor transforms the space and totally catches one’s attention. On the one wood platform, I decided to write Home Sweet Apartment on it fit in with the living room setting in my apartment. It is warm, welcoming and gives the space a little personally. Bare walls give off a cold feeling and make guests timid. Always try to think of a cute quote that ties in with the atmosphere.

Can you guess where the second sign goes? In the kitchen! When I saw the quote, Wine A Little Laugh A Latte, I was obsessed. This quote was the reason I thought to create these adorable signs in the first place. The related saying gives the audience that “aw” factor which is better than looking at empty and emotionless wall space.

The other great thing about signs, aside from the personality quotes, is you can make them yourself. Why go to a store and buy a blank panel to write on when you can go the extra mile and simply put one together! You may be thinking, did she really make that herself, how?! Taking a woodshop class at school helped me with this (and my dad) but it is truly a breeze and relaxing craft. All you really need is wood, paint, water, paper, and a drill (that’s where my woodshop class and my dad came into play). If you do not have a drill or know how to use it, super glue/wood glue/hot glue/ any glue really could work. Let’s get started!

I went to Home Depot and bought already cut pieces of medium wood that were about 2 3/4 inches wide. The thickness can be relatively thin since another piece of wood will be placed in the back for support later on. I knew I wanted the shape of my sign to be rectangular in the living room but square in the kitchen. This just means buy different lengths of wood! The Home Sweet Home sign measured 28 inches and the Wine A Little Laugh A Latte sign measured 20 inches long. I decided each sign would have five pieces stacked on top of one another so the height would be close to 15 inches (you can alter these sizes and make it your own; this is just a little insight on what my measurements were).

Jumping ahead, but let’s talk about how to connect these pieces together (you should paint them first, and I will explain shortly, but it is good to know how to assemble the wood before you start that part of the DIY). Two long pieces of wood and two short, stubby pieces are needed to “connect the dots.” Lay your pieces of wood on the floor about ¼ of an inch apart; it is imperative you do not leave a large gap between each plank of wood since you have to write on this surface, as if it was one piece. Now you can glue or drill these pieces as pictured above; how simple right?! I drilled my wood for a more secure and less timely factor but gluing will work; allow one hour to let the glue dry for personal reassurance. Sometimes leaning signs against the wall on a surface is an admirable look! For me, my walls are tall and were desperate for something directly on the face of the wall. In this case, drilling facets (gold elements pictured) will complete the task. I only used the middle facet, where I hang it on a clear push pin (very college of me!) If I were to use the end facets I would need to drill pins into the wall and that is not good for apartment leases!


Reversing time, now that you have the joinery in the back of your mind, start painting! I chose to paint white as it matches everything and lightens up the mood of the space. How I created the rustic look you might ask? It is super easy and timeless! Take a wide paint brush, wet it with water, and apply your desired color paint. The water on the brush creates a streakier outcome. To enhance this distressed look, take a piece of paper with some strength (I used a paint sample swatch) and scrap the paint off as preferred. If you don’t quite understand this process, view this HGTV video for other accomplishing rustic ways.


Once your platform is assembled, pick a quote and start writing! I painted my quotes but you can also use any thicker sized marker. Always make sure to pencil your writing before you start utilizing permeate paint/markers; mistakes can happen and you don’t want to have to completely start from scratch. For mine, I wanted a more modern calligraphy font. Angie Makes is one of my favorite sites for font inspirations! Let the paint dry for about an hour for security, and it’s complete!

Congrats on your second diy!

Now you can be confident in saying you dressed up your walls by your crafty and artsy enabled self. A welcoming atmosphere is key to this craft and will be successful whichever way you decide to go with it. Whether it is for your bathroom, entry, bedroom, & more, personality and a home-like feeling is brought into the space.



One Reply to “See How Easily You Can Dress Up Your Bare Walls”

  1. Theses signs are the absolute cutest! I can’t wait to try this for my new house. I love hand writing and especially calligraphy, but never know the best ways to apply it. What better way to use in that to dress up my walls with cute sayings. Thank you for sharing the connection ideas, because I usually use command hooks and those never work. This is a super easy way that to me always looked complicated. Great tips and a super fun DIY, can’t wait to try it!


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