5 Steps for a DIY Flower Initial

Personalizing your space is one of my top craft inspirations. The letter “K” is dominant to me because of my first name and is a motif throughout my apartment to make it feel like home. I have crafted many “K” DIY’s but this one with embedded flowers is my favorite. After this simple but adorable craft, I displayed it in a way where it will be highlighted and appreciated, partnering it with fall festivities. Here are 5 steps to creating a beautiful flowered letter for your space and how to incorporate it into the fall season!

Steps to Create a DIY Flower Initial (& how to display it with the season)

Step 1: Get supplies

Michaels will be your new second home, or any other arts & craft store nearby. Be careful and pace yourself; these stores always pull you into their cute crafting ideas and you may go overboard. Luckily, for this project you only need a block letter of your choice, small artificial flowers, and hot glue.

Step 2: Detach flowers

If you buy a pack of individual pedaled artificial flowers, skip this step. However, I prefer to buy the artificial flowers with their long stems; especially if you have extra you can use them for other design elements in your space. With these flowers, you can easily pull them off from the steam but they will still have their shape (instead of the flat individually packaged flowers). Flat objects do not absorb interest to an individual as well as ones that are more three-dimensional and have some depth.

Step 3: Arrange your flowers

Never go straight to gluing until you’ve meticulously placed all flowers to your liking. It is hard to take off the flowers once you have hot glued them down, so make sure you know where you want each one, especially if you are doing different colors. Different colored flowers can be beautiful, but make sure they have a color scheme! Triadic palettes are my favorite; three colors next to each other on the color wheel. For example, purple, blue and green. The “K” I crafted was all one color, as I wanted it more classy. Arranging your flowers in a packed way looks best for a craft like this! You can always add more once you’ve glued down as well.

Step 4: Start gluing

Hot glue is a powerful tool; you do not need a lot. A simple dot of hot glue will be enough for a flower attachment. Pick up each individual pedal from where it was placed on the letter, from the above step. Glue flower by flower. Once the first layer of flowers are glued, do not be shy to glue more, on top, to add some depth. Depth and the texture of the flowers will be what makes the letter stand out. Additionally, do not be messy with the glue. Hot glue leaves millions of thin strings. This is a piece of artwork! Do not ignore the imperfections, try to remove as many excessive glue strings so it looks neat and clean.  ­

Step 5: Make it look artsy with the season!

I don’t know about you, but I love celebrating the seasons. This simple but chic flower initial needs a partner in crime to fully grasp people’s attention. For fall, why not display it with a pumpkin and some simple candles. This is entirely up to you but I recommend giving it a “home”. I have a crafted pumpkin from years ago I made and still use it. This is just a preference that cute crafts never go out of style. My pumpkin was painted white and I wrote “Happy Fall” on it. Placed next to the flower and candles offers a charming presentation and eye catcher. The flower initial is not alone or bare but will stand out. It is the only element in this display that has color, texture and vibrancy.

Cheers to your first DIY!

If you loved making this flower initial, try making your whole name or other words. Remember, with this personal touch, your space is now a little bit more of yours.

& if you want to further celebrate this craft, The Sassy Life and B & B blogs are honorable references!


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